Traveling and Andorra

Traveling and Andorra

Andorra sits in Western Europe with a high mountain climate. The region of Andorra is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. Andorra has a high percentage of sunshine with a dry climate. If you are a nature lover, you will find that Andorra has many things to offer. Nature activities like hiking, trails and mountain bike routes are only a few things you will find in your quest for excitement.

If you are considering traveling to Andorra, there are some important factors you must keep in mind. Due to the mountainous ranges of the Pyrenees Mountains, one road leads into Andorra from France and one road entering Andorra from Spain. Please remember that Andorra is not a Schengen member.

To travel to the country of Andorra, you must look at flights originating in neighboring Spain and France. Look at flights going into South Africa where you can board a motor coach that will transport you into Andorra.

Buses are the primary means of transportation in Andorra. Public buses do provide regular services to get you where you need to go. There are also cable cars that operate between Engolasters Lake and Encamp. Vehicles from neighboring countries typically transport goods into Andorra. The Seo de Urgel airport is only 20 km from Andorra la Vella. If you are looking for an international airport, you can look at Barcelona, which is 215 km from Andorra. Toulouse, France is 165 km away from Andorra. Daily bus services are offered from the Barcelona and Toulouse airports going to Andorra.

There are rental car agencies available for your driving needs. You can drive over the mountain ranges into Andorra. Keep in mind that if the mountain ranges are blocked by snow or other dangerous conditions, the mountain passes will be closed. Another great tip about driving into Andorra through the mountain passes is, make sure you have enough fuel in your car.

There are no train stations available in Andorra. The French train station of l'Hospitalet is just a few miles from the Andorran border. You can catch an overnight train from Paris to l'Hospitalet along with many other services offered. From there you can take connections to Pas de la Case, Soldeu and Andorra La Vella.

The speed limit is 40km/h in the populated areas of Andorra and 90km/h elsewhere. Two huge complaints of tourists who drive in Andorra is the supposed reckless driving performed by the locals and traffic jams which occur in Andorra la Vella. You can avoid the traffic jams by bypassing Andorra la Vella by taking the ring road around the south side of town.

If you want to utilize public transportation, there are six different bus routes available. Cooperativa Interurbana offers services out from Andorra la Vella along the main roads. Ensure you take advantage of the free leaflets available showing the timetables of departures and pickups.
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