Seattle Travel: Cheap Vacations in the Northwest

Cheap Vacations in the Northwest. Destination Seattle

Taking one of the Seattle limousine tours of the wineries across the region of Washington is becoming an increasingly popular tourist activity. The climate in Washington is very well suited to growing high quality grapes. Cool overnight temperatures give the grapes high acidity, making the wine rich, flavorful and well balanced. It’s no wonder Washington is now the second largest producer of wine in the United States of America. Washington wines are appearing more often in the media due to their increasingly impressive frequency of awards.

The World's Fair was in Seattle back in the early 1960’s. As a grand exhibition for the event the gigantic Space Needle building was built. There is an elevator that takes you up 520 feet to the observation deck of the Space Needle where you get a whole different perspective on the Seattle Washington skyline. At the very top of the needle is a nice restaurant called SkyCity. The whole restaurant spins slowly so you get to see Seattle from every viewpoint possible. The food there regularly receives good reviews.

The local agricultural business people around Seattle invite you to come see the Pike Place farmer’s market. You will see a great selection of locally grown foods there as well as aspiring artists. Spend a while walking around and browsing among some of these farmers and stand owners. You get a real taste for the region here.

One of the more interesting tourist attractions in the Seattle area is the Native American Tillicum Village. It is a place here history comes alive. You will learn all kinds of excellent information about the early settlers of this part of the United States. Native Americans perform symbolic dances that have been passed down through generations of Native Americans. It is a very interesting place.

Because of Seattle’s location, you’d expect to see a lot of boats around. There are a number of ferries that will take you to various attractions and allow you to catch a glimpse of the city from the water. The mountains surrounding the area are very beautiful. The peace and serenity of the ocean is something to be experienced.

Seattle also contains a great public zoo. You can find all different types of animals from the domestic farm animals to the elephants. If you’re there at the right moment, you can pay to feed the giraffes. They also have exhibits for other interesting things like an African bead bracelet making event and the Nature Exchange trading event. While you’re there, don’t miss the elephants, the penguins or the birds of prey exhibit.

Energetic vacationers who are sports fans can check out any of the popular professional sports teams that call Seattle their home. The Seahawks and Mariners are two of the most popular. It may be hard to get tickets though depending on their season. You could have a great night out with your spouse by having a nice dinner accompanied by a game.

Local watering holes are plentiful around Seattle. You can taste some of the tastiest microbrewery beers in the US right around Seattle. There are more than a couple to choose from. Called Ale houses, two of the most popular breweries for travelers are the Redhook Ale Brewery and the Pyramids Brewery.

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