Three Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish

The Importance of Learning Spanish

The Importance of Learning Spanish

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Why we should to learn spanish language? What is the benefit for us? How do you improve your speaking skills? Where is the Spanish course?

If you live in certain areas of the US, you’ve probably observed that there are more and more signs and stores in Spanish, and more advertising targeted to people who speak Spanish. This is all for good reason - nearly ten percent of the residents of this country - 35 million people - speak Spanish, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

These 35 million people are only a fraction of the 350 million people around the world who speak Spanish. With that many people speaking the same language, there are a large number of opportunities for those people who speak Spanish that don’t exist for those people who don’t speak it. There are 3 significant reasons that I can think of why you should consider learning Spanish, if you’re thinking about learning a new language:


Spanish is spoken throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America, meaning you have a lot of places you can visit. Spanish is, of course, spoken in Spain, too, but don’t forget that their Spanish (which is called Castillian) isn’t the same as the Spanish spoken in the western hemisphere. There are so many places where Spanish is spoken, in fact, that it’s the fourth most common language in the world. Only Mandarin, English, and Hindi are spoken more than Spanish.

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Knowing Spanish will allow you experiences that you’re not likely to have on a trip to any of these destinations if you only speak English. Your English is going to be fine in large cities and resort towns, but once you leave those areas and venture further into the country, the ability to communicate in Spanish will be vital.


The job market is tough, and knowing Spanish can help. The current recession has led to a lot of people out of work and a lot of people finding new skills to compete for what jobs are out there. In a time when double-digit unemployment and scarce jobs are the norm, certain skills are often the difference in choosing between highly qualified employees applying for the same job.

If you live in an area where some of those 35 million Spanish speakers live, learning Spanish might be that skill that can make the difference. Many occupations - including nursing, teaching, and sales - are places where there is a high demand for people who speak Spanish. Plus, with the number of Spanish speakers in this country increasing on a daily basis, this job skill is one that can be useful for years to come.


Mastering Spanish can also help you master English. That may sound strange, but because Spanish is a Romance language, derived from Latin, many words and grammar rules are common between Latin and English, which is also partially derived from Latin. Once you start learning Spanish, you may see these commonalities and how they apply to English, meaning that you can essentially learn two languages at once.

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If you don’t think you’ll need to use Spanish for any of these reasons in the near future, perhaps you should consider learning Spanish now anyway. What may be the best reason to learn Spanish is that it’s pretty easy to learn, so you can be on your way to learning it and be proficient by the time you do need it.

Birmingham AL - Vacation Getaway

The whole point of any weekend getaway is to break away from everyday stress and routine, relax and recharge for upcoming challenges. Just by an hour from Atlanta, almost two hours from Chicago, three hours from New York and with more than 21 other non-stop and 20 connecting flight destinations, Birmingham Alabama is a great place that is definitely worth the visit.

Birmingham also known as The Magic City has a great variety of attractions and relaxation options, so you can create your perfect weekend. When you only have a limited time for your vacation like weekend breaks, it is best that all travel necessities are close to each other. Furthermore, Birmingham can offer you more than just a short weekend trip, these are the five outlined reasons for your next visit to Birmingham.

Less travel time

Just like most of the weekend travelers, we encounter the same travel stages - getting out from our homes to rush to the airport, then checking in the baggage, boarding time, flight time, get out of airport time, and time on the transportation to our destination. The same thing applies going back home. With almost everything accessible and easy in Birmingham's airport, travel will be short while your have more time to relax.

Great Accommodations to Choose From

Staying in a good hotel, a resort or maybe a combination of two is essential for a perfect getaway weekend. From a total of 120 hotels, all within 15 miles from Birmingham’s downtown, you will have the luxury to select from 86 hotels from the world’s most biggest hotel chains. You will find chains of The Hilton Family Hotels, Choice Hotels, Marriott hotels, InterContinental Group Hotels, La Quinta Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Carlson Hotels, Starwood Hotels and the Best Western Hotels. You can never go wrong with these hotel brands.

Dining Locations Like no Other

In Birmingham, you will find lots of different kinds of dining places depending what you crave for, from pizzas, coffee shops, fine vegetarian, asian and Italian cuisines. You can choose the restaurants according to your taste and wants. There are venues with perfect ambiance for a date or simple ones for a family dinner or just a night out with friends.

Great Weather

Birmingham is blessed with good weather throughout the year. The average annual temperature in Birmingham is 62 F. In winter months like December to February, the temperature is between 32 F and 58 F. In spring month’s temperature can be as 42 F to 66 F low in March up to 99 F high in May. In summer time temperature can be between 66 F low and 103 F high. Finally, the autumn month’s temperature can be 100 F high in September and 42 F low in November. Birmingham can be a place to just relax and enjoy any activities without worrying about the weather.

Golf Courses

Just within 15 miles from Birmingham's downtown, there’s 10 golf courses to choose from. One of the best is the Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa by Marriott. With 8,191 yards, its the third longest championship-class golf course in the world.

Besides all of the attractions and places to visit mentioned above, Birmingham has around 50 recognition attractions, in which you can visit when you have more vacation time. You can also splurge on the hundreds of shopping and entertainment places. Overall, Birmingham is the place to be for short or long time vacation trips.

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